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Crystallinus Facial Care

Natural, organic and with the effect of gem stones.

The power of gemstones for naturally fresh and energy-rich skin

The secret to flawless, smooth and radiant skin lies in the right skincare routine. Every day, we are exposed to many environmental influences that strain our skin and leave visible traces over the years. Our care formulas of the different Crystallinus facial care products are precisely tailored to the respective application and support the skin in a special way in regeneration and protect it from unwanted traces of daily life.

The Amethyst Rose Quartz Face Cream , for example, which is particularly suitable for the regeneration of the night, contains valuable properties of the gemstones amethyst and rose quartz. They are known to revitalize the skin, make the skin look youthful and prevent blemishes. The moisturizing and healing ingredients jojoba oil, sesame oil and vitamin E protect and revitalize the skin and provide a smoothing effect that gives a supple feeling and appearance. The Opal Eye Care Concentrate harnesses the power of the gemstone Opal, which is known for reducing skin aging and wrinkling. Thanks to the natural ingredients , all care formulas combine the properties that they are particularly well tolerated and therefore suitable for sensitive skin, protecting it, activating it and regenerating the cell function of the skin.

Naturally healthy for a radiant and youthful appearance.

Crystallinus Facial Care