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Crystallinus cosmetics with Rose Quartz

Natural, organic and with the effect of gem stones.

Beauty care with rose quartz – for a soothed and flawless skin.

One of the gemstones making big waves in the industry as an ingredient in many skin care products and as a skin care product itself is rose quartz. The hype surrounding the use of this gemstone and its many benefits is well worth it and not a fallacy.

Rose quartz is a pale pink healing crystal whose use dates back to 7000 BC. It is composed primarily of silica molecules and is commonly found in Sweden, Brazil, South Africa and Germany. This delicate quartz comes in several varieties, the difference being in the hue. While lavender rose quartz takes on a purple hue, strawberry rose quartz has a deeper pink color. It is believed to promote calmness, peace and self-love, as well as other psychological benefits.

The roots of rose quartz in enhancing beauty.

The use of rose quartz and its derivatives for beauty purposes is not entirely new. For centuries, it has been used by traditional enthusiasts in their beauty regimens to achieve various aesthetic effects. Historical records show the use of rose quartz by ancient Roman and Egyptian women to maintain a clear complexion and prevent wrinkles; this was achieved by formulating locally used face masks with a large number of these crystals as ingredients.

Scientifically, rose quartz is enriched with elements such as magnesium and iron, which act as highly nourishing elements for the skin. These elements provide a purer appearance to the skin and a more radiant complexion.

Rose quartz for massages and as a facial roller
Undoubtedly, rose quartz is the most popular type of crystal face roller after the jade variety. It has been proven to improve youthful appearance, eliminate fine lines and reduce puffiness of the skin, which is why it is recommended by many aestheticians.

Rose quartz could be the key to increasing the effectiveness of other skin care products. It is highly valued as an additive to other skincare products, including serums and oils, as it allows for better penetration of these products for better results.

Sagging or sensitive skin?

For individuals concerned about sagging skin, rose quartz crystal products are a great addition to the skincare routine as they help to tighten the skin and restore its elasticity, eliminating excess sagging. Another outstanding feature of rose quartz crystal is the mild and soft nature of the stone, which makes it especially soothing for those with sensitive skin and can be used to curb the irritating effects of acne or rashes.


Rose quartz is undoubtedly one of the most beneficial crystals that can be used for skin care, and there is ongoing discussion and research into further ways to incorporate this stone extensively into skin care. At Crystallinus, we reaffirm our commitment to safe skincare and holistic wellness, and have incorporated the power of rose quartz crystals into our products to meet your cosmetic needs.

Crystallinus Cosmetics with Rose Quartz